Team Spotlight: Victoria Bohringer

Please join us in welcoming Victoria to Tiller Private Wealth

It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome Victoria to the Tiller Private Wealth team in our Bethlehem office. She will be stepping into the role held by Donna Budnik-Eberhardt, who is about to embark on a well-deserved retirement. Victoria’s unique perspective, passion for connection, and penchant for adventure make her a perfect fit to carry forward the legacy of excellence that Donna has established.

In her capacity as the new Operations Specialist, Victoria brings a refreshing approach to operational efficiency, ensuring the seamless functioning of our processes and systems. However, her impact extends beyond numbers and workflows. Victoria shares our joy in connecting with colleagues and clients to build meaningful relationships.

Beyond the office doors, Victoria has diverse interests. An avid reader, she has a particular appreciation for the Harry Potter series. She hopes to someday travel to London with her family to visit the locations where the series was filmed.

Victoria’s passion for adventure has always been strong. During her four years in the US Navy as a Master at Arms, she thoroughly enjoyed the time spent travelling internationally and the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world.

With Victoria’s arrival, we are enjoying a seamless transition, guided by her fresh perspective and unwavering commitment. Together, we embark on a new chapter—one that upholds the values, excellence, and spirit that Donna has exemplified during her tenure. Here’s to continued success and shared accomplishments!

We welcome you to say hello and meet the newest addition to your team the next time you stop by our Bethlehem Office.

To learn more about Victoria, as well as the rest of our team, click here.