Announcing Tiller Private Wealth

We are proud to announce our name change to Tiller Private Wealth.

The rebranding reflects the firm’s unwavering commitment to clients and the continued focus on delivering tailored planning, objective advice, and comprehensive services to guide clients toward their goals.

“We have been a client-focused firm for 27 years — delivering great work, speaking and acting with integrity, and aligning everything we do to help the families we serve,” said John Youngs, Partner and CEO. “We decided it was time that our brand reflect that commitment to how we help clients – rather than focus on my name.”

The new name was carefully chosen as it has two key meanings that symbolize the firm’s role and value to clients. First, as illustrated in the logo, Tiller refers to the handle that steers a sailboat and reinforces the firm’s commitment as advisors to ensure clear direction and navigate an ever-changing marketplace. Second, Tiller is also the quintessential farming tool that allows for planting seeds to grow crops, reflecting the firm’s commitment to help clients grow and preserve their wealth.

“Tiller Private Wealth represents a commitment to providing highly personalized and fiduciary centered planning and advisory work to high-net-worth individuals, families and non-profits,” James M. Beenders, Partner, President, and Chief Planning Officer said of Tiller Private Wealth. “We are grateful for the trust our clients have placed in us and we are excited for this next chapter of our journey together.”

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